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I want to get hydros for my bike, the current BB5s work just fine and provide plenty of power but sometimes I don't like the feel of them and I know pads are hell to get so I just want to upgrade and avoid a hassle, I just can't resist the nice squishy feeling and power of a hydraulic brake but obviously I can wait, after trying out some Hayes HFX 9 and Avid Juicy I decided I wanted to go the Avid way, mainly because of all the ergonomics and ease-of-setup features, so I had Juicy 7 on my mind but I was wondering when is Avid coming out with the 2007 line? I've read about the Juicy Ultimate and Code brakes but any news on what to expect for the 2007 Juicy 7? I'm asking because I can either get 2006 7s at a bargain price or go the extra mile for 2007 7s if they have any worthwhile new features.

So... whats the word on 2007 Avid disc brakes, when are they coming out? When have other new model avid disc brakes come out?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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