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When are the new 2010 Trek and Giants coming out?

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Is it shortly?
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I heard late August to September. Don't quote me on that though.
I thought I read late June, early July on this forum somewhere. I wanted to know because bike prices here are inflated (Canada) and I didn't want to buy my bike only to see it have a price drop only a few weeks after I bought it.
Prices in

Canada aren't "inflated", they are adjusted for the CAD vs. USD. The tariff for Taiwanese-made bikes is also different than that of the US. Even in Canada taxation differs; in ON buyers pay 8% sales tax, in Quebec it's higher, & in BC it's 0 (yep zero) PST on bikes and related bike stuff.

@ JimC. They are inflated. A Giant Brass in USD is around $650 MSRP, and in CDN is $789.99, according to both US and CDN sites.
That's not inflated that's the exchange rate for canada.
Oh please...

adjusted for the dollar, the bike would be $728.00 CAD. You didn't take into account the Canadian tariff giant pays for importing bikes to Canada ( a tariff to protect Cdn bike makers). We're talking a whopping $62 here.
It's not worth arguing over, since the 'inflation' is a tax. Jim

boring reading here:

The 13% MFN tariff is applied to developed countries like Taiwan, which is a major exporter of high-end bicycles. The 8.5% GPT tariff is applied to developing countries like China.

Unlike the tariffs on other goods, Canada's MFN bicycle tariff has not been reduced for over a decade. In 1994, at the conclusion of the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations, Canada only agreed to bind its bicycle tariff at 13.2%, whereas the tariffs on other Canadian products were significantly reduced.

The 8.5% & 13% bicycle tariffs are double and triple Canada's average applied industrial customs tariff, which is only 4%. These whopping tariffs cause Canadian consumers to pay too much for bicycles.

For example, at the retail level, a 13% tariff translates into a $50 tax on a $475 bicycle - which is more than 10% of the retail price.
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Yeah, if you look at a magazine as an example, by the bar code it will say
$3.99 USA
Its just the exchange rate.
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