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I've started getting back into road cycling a bit since we have such nice greenways in my city (no car traffic). I've got an old All City Big Block track frame that I've currently got setup with Alex Sub rims (36H) and no-name hub in the front, Sturmey-Archer S3X hub in the rear. The bike pedals well and I can hang with my friends on carbon road bikes, but I'd like to lighten it up a little bit... so have been considering a wheelset upgrade. The bike weighs in at a hefty 25 lbs right now.

So I'm looking at re-lacing the S3X to a new rim and will be tied to the 36H hub, so probably not as much opportunity for weight savings compared to the front, but what rims should I even be looking at? The Alex Subs are semi-aero, which I like. I've considered the following:
  • H Plus Son Archetype (475g)
  • Velocity Fusion (460g)
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