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Wheelset for 15mm QR

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Im about to build a new wheelset for a Pivot Mach 4 with a 2010 Fox 120 RLC 15mm
it should be used for XC and light trailriding,mostly slow tecnical riding with a lot of roots
NO rocks.Im 185 all geared up and ride carefully.

Allready got the hubs
DT 240s rear with 10mm hadley axle
Tune King 15 up front
Spokes will be supercomp with red DT alu nipples

but which rim????
I wont use DT 4.2
So it should be either ZTR 355 or Mavic XC 717

Will the 355 be strong enough i like the low weight and that it is fairly wide
The 717 can take more spoke tension,but is very narrow.

What do you think???????????????
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The burning question is....

will you run tubed or tubeless? The ZTR will obviously be a better choice for running tubeless, the 717 would be a better tubed set up. Though the ZTR can be run tubed as well. The width of the 717 only really matters if you intend to run tires wider than 2.1". It's really your choice. Both are good rims that will build strong XC wheels. Yes the 717 can be spoked to a higher tension. But so far that hasn't seemed to be an issue with the ZTR rim. Personally I've been getting away from Mavic rims lately. I don't like their customer service/support here in the States, and there are several manufacturers that build just as good a hoop as Mavic. So for me, I'd go with the ZTR. But that's personal preference. :D

Good Dirt
Hi Squash

Thanks for your reply :thumbsup:
I think i will go for the 355 rim,its lighter and wider.
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