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wheels for scalpel

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after a few posts and some test rides I ahve decided to get a scalpel 900 in BBQ. I want to upgrade the wheels from the get go. The bike will be used for xterra races and i cant have extra wheels and such due to space.

I was thinking of going to Mavic Cross Max, any significant advantages of these over crossland? I was thinking of getting the rotational and overall weight savings on a big ticket item and just getting the cheaper bike and i like the headshock.

As for tires I like the look of the hutchinson python, but thats a bad reason to pick them. any other suggestions or validations of the python?

Sorry for the basic questions. Havnt shopped for a MTB since 98.

TIA -paul
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get NoTubes ZTR Olympic with DT240 hubs and Revolution spokes.
You get a lighter wheel than CrossMax SL, plus you can use normal tires with milk sealant.

621gr front

738gr rear.
front hub
rear hub tune
mach1 magnesium rims and wheelsmith spokes.
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