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Fairly cursory issue here, but...I popped a drive-side spoke the other day causing my rim to go out of true, thus resulting in the outer knobbies of my rear tire rubbing my non-drive-side chainstay. I was able to pull the rim back away from that side and complete my ride.

I brought the wheel to the LBS for truing and when i put it back on the bike it seemed awfully close to the stay, so here's my question - do I loosen the one side of spokes and tighten the other to dish the wheel further from the one stay, and if so, do I run the risk of further damage to the rim if ther is too much tension on the one side?

I also (unfortunately) have a small groove worn in that chainstay. Would it be prudent for me to run a more narrow tire, say a 1.8 or 1.9, rather than the 2.1 I currently have? How well (or poorly) will a narrower tire track on rocks, roots, technical terrain, etc.? The frame is a Trek 8500 from 1999, so tire clearance is fairly minimal.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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