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Wheel Build Spoke Diameter??

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Hey all,

I ride an Enduro SL with the E150 fork. I'm getting a wheelset built this week with 819s the specialized 25mm thru-axle front hub and Hope Pro2 on the rear. I'm torn on the spoke size to get between getting straight 2.0s or 2.0/1.8s. Just as a note, I'm 230 lbs and ride mostly XC at the moment. Thanks in advance.
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There is no benefit to straight gauge spokes except for their cost relative to butted spokes.

I run between 210 and 220lbs. I've used both straight and butted spokes. The stronger more durable wheels have always been the ones I built with the butted spokes. For general use wheels I usually go with DT Comp 2.0/1.8/2.0 spokes. If super light is the goal then DT Revolution spokes are the choice. If super strength DH/FR wheels are what I want then Alpine 3s are the choice.

Anyway, Comps would likely build you a better wheel than straight gauge spokes for sure.

Good Dirt
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