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I've been riding a hardtail (and front!) since forever. It was a top quality bike at the dawn of suspension and still handles really well. I'm riding mostly trails and XC (Eastern PA), I love the responsiveness, how it climbs, etc.
...I'm finally considering a full suspension rig and have done a lot of lurking lately.

I'm wondering what the reaction is to the Speaclized gizmo called The Brain. Seems like a gimmick, and no one seems to able to adequately explain (in real terms, not in sales-speak) how it works.
I like the idea of a full suspension bike with the climbing ability (well mostly) of a hardtail, but this thing seems like a gimmick to stay away from. Who remembers elliptical chain rings and pet rocks?

I rode a 2004 Spec Enduro and thought it was a total blast, though totally different than my current bike. It's like there are no more mt it has to fit into a pigeonhole XC, FR,DH, or whatever.

Thanks for any info.
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