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Stans, UST, or both?
Rim and tire?

What set up would you recomend for a 180lb xc rider?
I'm looking for something light and bomb proof! or something in the middle.

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I run two sets of X3.1 (now called 819) rims. One with CK hubs the other XTR. Use Michelin Comp S tires for the race ones and Hutchinson Spiders on the other. Also have an XTR 965 wheelset on the racebike with Specialized Roll X's. All the tires are UST with Stans sealant. It takes a pretty major event usually involving a major rip for those wheels to flat. Haven't had to do a trailside tire repair or flat in well over a year.

Woolfe said:
so you can run ust rims with non ust tires?
Yup they are perfectly compatible with both kinds.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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