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I like doing my own wrenching, and finally got tired of throwing a mish mash of tools in a box for events only to discover I didn't have what I really needed when I got there. Inspired by PinkBike articles on pro mechanics' event kits, I decided to get organized.

Didn't want to buy a whole toolkit, as I have most everything I need...just needed the right case. Hardware store stuff didn't work, and didn't want to plop down 100's. And I wanted something more mobile and unbulky, that I could pack in my travel bag, so went with a Feedback case, $50 (still kind of expensive, but it's really nice...zipper up, handles like a brief case, and hangs on your bike stand for easy access...that's what those red sticks in the middle are).

Taking a cue from their full big-$ kit, here's how I organized my stuff:

Full list:

• Tire pressure gauge
• Chainbreaker
• Adjustable torque driver
• Rotor truing tool
• Cable cutters
• BB/Lockring tool
• Foldup hex wrench tool
• Foldup torx wrench tool
• Tire levers
• Scissors
• Picks (2)
• Small flat blade screwdriver
• 8mm L-handle
• Shock pump
• Chain pliers
• Needle nose pliers
• Flush cut pliers
• Spoke wrench
• Valve core remover

I took off two folding bottom attachments, cuz I don't need them. I did buy a couple Feedback tools, like the rotor truer and the bb/lockring tool.

So what's your travel toolkit look like?


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Your toolkit looks a hell of a lot nicer than mine. I just have a small toolbox with all the bike tools that I commonly use tossed inside. I pretty much just put that into the trunk of the car. Besides that...I'll make sure I bring my shock pump and chain lube. As for a tire pump...I use the handheld electric pump I use for the car. That's about it for a road trip.

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Most power tool mfgrs make an inflator so if you already have battery operated power tools (drill, impact driver, etc..) they probably make one that takes the same batteries.

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lol. I still just use a misc toolbox and toss the tools I think I'll want to have into it. I put most of those things into it, but I don't have a specific list.

I've considered buying duplicates of a bunch of my tools so that they can all live in that box all the time, and the box can live in my camper full-time just to save on packing time/effort. Just grab & go.
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