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What's your highest Switchblade drop to flat?

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Hello Titus folks,
I have been riding my new used switchblade for about four months now and am
starting to have some nightly urban fun on loading docks,stairs, and walls.
I'm just wondering if nipple high is too much. I weigh 165, and the frame is
set up for 5.75" travel with a fox talas rear shock and talas 5.25" travel fork.
If anything, I think the weakest link is the xc fsa wheelset. 28" drops feel just fine
when landing. Poof. I love it. Long live full sussers. Anyway, how far can I push
this frame?
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No takers yet? I guess I'll go until my shocks bottom out then back off a little.
Or not.
I don't drop to flat or ride urban on my blade. I'm a lot bigger than you though. But there's steel hardtails for that.
175 + gear. middle-travel in the rear and fox talas-x in perma-130mm.

2004 sb, got it in Oct 2003. 4' to absolute flat very recently. i rarely drop to flat.

honestly, regardless of how it feels, unless you have the jack to immediately replace your ride, i'd be careful doing that on the sb for fear of cracks. ymmv...
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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