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What's up with this lack of Syncros stuff?

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How come mtbr doesnt have the option of posting reviews for syncros stuff? Syncros makes some sweet ****. It also seems like not a lot of people use their stuff besides Thomas Vanderham. And why does everybody love Specialized? Just like all the other big bike comanies like trek and giant they dont make that great of stuff except at the very top of the line where the products get expensive as hell. I guess Syncros is another relatively small company just like deity that makes good stuff but isnt well known?
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well syncros died a while back and has been resurrected. I like their pedals and would love to snag a pair of their white DPS32 rims for my DJ bike but they are emerging (again) onto the mainstage.
The only big company that I ever saw that spec'd sycros was GT and when they died, I guess Syncros faded as well but they seem to be making a comeback with some new products. That being said, I had a Sycros seatpost on my DHi that worked as well as any Thompson I've owned.
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