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I'm trying to figure out if my build weight is fairly standard, or if something funny is going on. There is around 500g that I can't account for when trying to replicate the build on Competitive Cyclist.

Out on the trail, I don't really notice much difference between the Ripley and my 23 lb hardtail when I'm climbing, but the numbers guy in my is constantly annoyed by not having the math add up.

Weight with pedals was basically dead on 28lbs. Bike is in the shop getting my Enve's converted to 15TA and 142x12 so I can't go out to look at exact details.

XTR Triple
XTR Brakes
Fox Shock
Fox Float 34 140mm
KS LEV 150mm dropper
Spesh saddle (220g)
Straightline Pedals (520g)
Stan's Arch EX wheels with the Speed Tuned hubs
Ibis Carbon bars
Ibis 3d stem
ESI chunky grips
Spesh Fast Trak 2.0 tires (unsure if OEM or the real deal)

My theory is that the Speed Tuned hubs are heaver than the 3.30 hubs, adding approximately 100g per wheel, the triple adding about 50g, the 150mm dropper adding another 50g, but the remaining 200 is a mystery!

Thoughts or ideas?

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Tires are the real deal. When i got mine they were still on the Specialized backing plate.
My wheelset on the special blend was either 2000 or 2100 grams. The Rapid and Arch rim are close in weight.
Did you factor in weight for cables, zipties, stans fluid...

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For what it's worth my stock Arch EX 29 w/ Speed Tuned hubs setup for 15QR and 12x142 weighed:
front: 858g
rear: 977g
= 1835g total (including Stan's tape + valve stems installed)

According to, the Arch EX 29 w/ 3.30 hubs is ~1775g, but I have no idea if that's with tape, valve stems, and what type of axle setup.

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Well, I got the bike back from the shop, and it's actually heavier by about .3lbs. I believe it's from the tires however, because I am running a higher volume tire with more tread.

Oh well. It's not like it really matters, especially when I am 30lbs away from my ideal race weight.

Maybe if I can lose the spare bike around my mid-section I can do all the weight weenie stuff I want then :p
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