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Whats up with Cabrillo-Nisene "Cardiac Hill?"

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A buddy and I tried riding a few weeks ago and the entire perimeter is fenced off with barbed wire. Evidently someone is developing the area -- anyone know if access to the Scout Trail will eventually be reopened?
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The developers have stated that once they begin building the home on the hill, they will fence the hill and block all public access to the Cabrillo Trail into The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park.

Easement to Niesen Marks will probably ONLY be through the vienna woods trail.
Unless something changes "BYE BYE scout trail"
gonzo said:

Unless something changes "BYE BYE scout trail"
BUMMER. I'll miss the pain you dished out dear Cardiac.
Sucks donkey! Cardiac was always my fitness barometer, and I figured as long as I could clean it, I was at least a halfway decent climber!

I suppose there's always the option of a Scout Trail up-and-down, but with all the other good options in the area, it's probably time to kiss it goodbye.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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