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Bontrager does not make a true "tubeless" wheel as in UST. All of their wheels that are billed as such are the "Tubeless Ready Wheels" that require the specifically designed rim strip and vavle in order to be run tubeless. If someone is advertising a Race Lite "Tubeless" wheel they just aren't using the full nomenclature. Bontrager even has the misnomer on their site. The Race Lites are listed as TLR, the Rythm Elite is listed as "Tubless" but is actually a TLR wheel as well.

But don't let that put you off. IMHO the Bonty TLR system is one of the most versetile tubeless systems out there. You can run them any of three ways. Standard rims strips and tubes, TLR rim strips and regular (non-ust) tires with sealant (my prefered set up), or with TLR rim strips, ust tires, and sealant optional, though recommended. The only down side is if you do get a flat that won't seal, it is a bit of a pain to get that rim strip out of there so you can use a tube on the trail. And it's very difficult to remove the TLR rim strip without damaging it. I've heard that you can remove the TLR valve stem, insert the tube leaving the rim strip in place, but I haven't had to try that yet so can't say for sure. It seems like it would work fine, but you never know.

My current set up is a set of Mustang TLR's with strips, Stan's sealant, and Continental Mountain King 2.2's. A great XC/Trail set up that has given me 0 problems so far. It seals better and holds air longer than any Stans conversion I've ever done.

Anyway, no difference in the Tubeless and Tubeless Ready when it comes to Bontrager wheels. Somebody just isn't calling it what it is.

Good Dirt
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