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I emailed Soul Cycles about it a couple of days ago.

Interesting. It is hardly a prototype of ours. This frame along with
most/all of the Sette brand frames comes from a company called MK in
Taiwan. They are simply OEM frames anyone can slap their name on.
Check under products/2005/FR-F2
There is only 1 way this frame could have even passed through our
warehouse. A few years back we were rushing to bring out full suspension
frames and were considering offering some pre-existing OEM designs. We
ordered samples from around a dozen companies (MK Being One), but were
never happy with any of them, plus we hated the idea of not
designing/testing the product in house. This could have been one of
those sample frames that either was given to an employee, stolen, or
sold to someone in the industry and ended up ebay. We are not real happy
that someone is claiming it is a prototype of our design, or prototype
at all for that matter.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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