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Whats the difference Deore/LX/XT

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Whats the difference between the Deore, LX, and XT hydraulic discs? It can't be just weight but the calipers and levers basically look the same besides the color. Can someone clear this up for me? Thanks

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The Basic Differences...
for 2007 and prior...
XT (M765) had a monoblock caliper (one piece)
LX and Deore had 2 piece calipers, some think this is a negative (caliper flex=loss of power) others hardly notice.

Levers were basically the same just different finishes and I am told different seals but that hasn't been an issue with anyone that I know of.

2008 and newer

XT (775) has a servowave on the lever that increases the leverage and the power of the brake. There is also a "free stroke' adjustment that helps fine tune the lever feel. The Caliper it'self is also slightly different than before, the pistons that move the pads are a slightly larger diameter.

LX is now SLX. The levers have the servowave that XT has, but NO freestroke, this isn't an issue to me since I still get the more power from the servowave and I have large hands so the free stroke wouldn't be used anyway. SLX uses a 2 piece caliper as well.

Deore, doesn't seem to have the servowave, just a redesign of the old design (not a bad thing at all, I loved those brakes!!!). I could be wrong though since there are like 900 differnent Deore brakes (m525, 555, 535, 486, 485, 487?)

Between all of the brakes people will mention lines and pad compounds being different, but those are all easily changed and variables that you can change.

I am running SLX levers with 08 XT calipers, with 180mm rotors, awesome on my HT for my 6'5" 270lb butt.
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So would you recommend the Deores? How do they compare to say Juicy 3/5's? Better or worse?

I have a tendency to ride my hardtail like my dh rig so I would need something with a little more beefier power I guess but still on a tight budget. I ride a little fast so I would probably throw a 180mm in the front and keep a 160 in the rear. What do you think?

If it makes a difference I'm looking at M535 Deores...
Deores are great brakes the M535 being (I believe) the most common one. I don't know what you are looking at for price but this is what I found at Jenson for a set of Shimano Discs
LX levers.
Hone Calipers (same as LX from b4 2009, front & rear are the same caliper so buying 2 fronts isn't an issue.)
That's $117 for a set plus hydro lines... if the rotors/adapters aren't your thing ebay them. It's a little better (seals) than Deore and a really good price/set up.
I found M535's lever cable and caliper for $60 each. I need something to replace my So1e's...
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