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What's the difference between the Fox 36 Van R and RC2?

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The Fox website doens't give any differences I can't seem to find any differences. What gives?
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Yeah, the RC2 has low speed and high speed external compression adjusters at the bottom of the fork. I've been running mine at the recommended minimum (fully open) setting so far, but I haven't hit our hardest riding area around here, as it doesn't open until January. I imagine the R models is just fixed at the minimum setting. At that setting mine seems fine on small jumps and rock sections on our local trail. At this point I doubt I'm going to need much more, but I'll reserve judgement until I hit that other area and perhaps Moab. The fork is awesome.
Ive got just the R model (came stock on a 2006 SX Trail II).

I weigh 220 and put the heaviest springs in it, and it feels great. So I have no complaints. It handles the big hits really well, and goes through the travel very smoothly.

However a compression dial would have come in handy to make the fork more plush for the really small bumpy stuff...or maybe I am just used to Marzocchi forks, which always seem way more plush the the Fox.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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