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E-Type Compatable BOTTOM BRACKET..

Hobart said:
wondered if they'd fit. I don't need E-type. If any of you do, just let me know and I'll direct you.
For what it is worth, I thought Hobart asked about bottom brackets. :)

It is true that an E-type FD attaches via a 2mm thick collar that goes on before the drive-side bottom bracket cup. The bottom bracket SHELL is an integral part of the frame, either 68 or 73mm wide, and is neither a part of the bottom bracket or the derailleur.

The question is what is meant by an "E-Type compatable bottom bracket?" I asked this question myself a couple of months ago and I think everybody who responded defined what an E-Type Derailleur was.

My Maverick ML-7 has a 68mm bottom bracket shell, and requires an E-Type Shimano XTR derailleur. It uses the standard XTR 112.5mm bottom bracket when I am using shimano XTR cranks. I also use Race Face Turbine cranks with an FSA Platinum Pro 113mm bottom bracket, which works fine, so it must also be an E-Type compatable bottom bracket.

I wonder, but do not know, if all bikes made for E-Type derailleurs have the narrower 68mm bottom bracket shell?

John W.
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