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What's in your parts bin?

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Title says it all. List what's in your spare parts bin, pictures interesting and welcomed but not necessary.:D
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I used to have heaps of guff but moving to a smaller shop necessitates a good old fashioned Spring clean.

Although, if anyone has a left hand side Syncros CroMo Revolution crankarm in 180mm, please let me know. :)
Jeez, my entire basement storage area in my building is just bike parts. Multiple brake sets, wheels, a dozen tires, tons of small parts, shocks, forks, and on and on.

...and I need parts from a Fox 36 TALAS II cart, or Float parts to convert:

I feel your pain, J_C. There's no room left for my car in my garage because it's crammed with bikes.

Grabbing the nearest box, there's:

A pair of resin Diamondback brand pedals
A pair of stock wheels off a Kona Paddy Wagon
One Shimano 2200 road shifter
A rigid fork from '86
A pair of U-Brakes
An old-school RST 318 XCR fork
A Syncros Bear Hug stem
Lock-on clamp (singular)
Kenda Standard tube
A Bianchi saddle
A bent and dented rear wheel

Weird, I know.:skep:
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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