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Whats in your bike stable? (lots of pics)

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After finishing up some of the builds that I have had going, I realized that I have acquired quite the collection of bikes this summer. So I was just wondering what everyone else is rocking in their stable this season!

So post up your stuff, I love to see other cyclists exploring more than one single facet of cycling. I enjoy riding bikes, as many places as possible!

Here's what I got: (specs on request)

BMX: Colony Bloody Oath (full custom build)
DH/FR: Trek Session 88
DJ/DS: Giant STP Custom
XC: Cannondale F500 Custom

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the colors on that fork is sexy is that stock?
We're calling them "quivers" this year, stable is soo 2008
Actually yea, those colors were some custom colors that Rock Shox did for Trek specifically for this bike.

Bwahaha, so whats in your "quiver"?
Newest Additions... my "quiver"...

Recently rebuilt '65 Hercules - English 3 speed.

and the Coppi

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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