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Whats do you think the best frame to begin an AM build is?

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Whats do you think the best frame to begin an AM build is?

-Post what u have used or what you would want to use to begin your unstoppable AM dream build

-Pics would be nice

I will start with mine
I think i would want to use a Banshee Rune frame to start my AM dream build with

All black of course :)

with different specs then the pic of course

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Depends on your definition for AM. There are some guys out there that believe a Knolly Delirium is the perfect AM bike (that can hit 15' gaps)
money being no issue, I'd start with a Jedi F1 and slap a Hammerschmidt and a Totem Soloair on it and, well, the rest of the build is posted somewhere around here so I won't bother repeating it. hey, it is ALL mountain, and to me that means all of the mountain, no matter which mountain we're talking about. think like making an all-day epic out of typical North Shore freeride, or riding down Missing Link at Snowshoe and riding the XC back up to the top of the hill, lather, rinse, repeat
yes all mountain as in you are capable of going up and down and then back up the mountain with no some guys might be able to do that on a FR/DH bike but if they call it AM then they better be able to go back up to the top
Ive said it a hundred times and I will say it again. Ibis Mojo HD. It's hard to beat the 6" of DW link carbon goodness.

By the way this question is asked constantly so a forum search would have answered your question.
sorry i felt like bringing a new thread to life.... and i didnt want to ask what the best was i wanted to ask what other ppl would use to build there AM dream bike....which hopefully the one they choose is what they think is the best one hehe :)
A dream bike would have to be a full custom frame for me. If we're dreaming, I want everything to be exactly right.
yes dreaming is perfectly okay :thumbsup: but if u could buy any frame to start a build with what AM frame would it be?
006_007 said:
Depends on your definition for AM. There are some guys out there that believe a Knolly Delirium is the perfect AM bike (that can hit 15' gaps)
I'll take a Knolly DTi.. wiht lifetime warranty. Oh yeah, go ahead and make the rear tri and linkage out of ti as well and print Ti all over the frame in gold leaf, no chrpme. no both checkerboard stylee
And...ehhhh nevermind :madmax:
Just got mine "built"

this was a demo from Interbike, so got a bit of a deal. Wouldn't change a thing on this bike. Handles flawlessly on some really difficult trails on the Wet Coast of BC.

Even the air RP23 works well for bottomless feel; the Fox Talas 36 makes a perfect front end.

The only improvement I could make would be the rider, who is known to flounder and flail sometimes on steeps and drops.

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I don't understand the love for Knolly bikes. I've never ridden one, so I'm not saying they're not worth it, but with all of the extra pivots and linkage, it seems like there would be potential issues with reliability in wet environments. What experiences do people have with Knolly over years of use?
Just finished building mine, a 2010 Giant Reign X (my old ride was a 2005 Reign)
6.7" rear travel, and 6.3" front. 30.1 lbs. as pictured:

I also love my Gary Fisher PHD DJ/FR - fun bike:
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Sipping the Knolly Kool-Aid

yet another vote.


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For aggresive AM, my dream bike would be the Intense UZZI with Fox dhx Air. Like this one :
For Light AM/Trail bike, it would be the Yeti AS-R 5.
And my true ALL moutain bike doesn't exist but it would be something like a burly Yeti AS-R 5, or a worthy Blur 4X successor (a modern version of the Blur 4x). Small travel, slack HA, low BB, lot of standover clearance, able to take fork from 120mm travel to 160mm travel. Like that I could ride it in Marathon, TransAlp, MegaAvalanche, Bikepark, Jump track, XC loop, DH,...
Does it exist?

mykel said:
yet another vote.
:thumbsup: Nice g-ride..
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