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It's been gorgeous outside and I've been on a bike everyday since Friday. Dirt with fat tires, skinny tires on pavement, fat tires on pavement and tonight it will be with lights on the dirt.

But this afternoon... Pavement? I do need to train and build up the "base miles." Or dirt, so I can see how much of the trails are rideable.... Decisions, decisions....

A few photos from the past few rides:

Friday, short and sweet, as there was mud just up the trail:

Obligatory food/beverage shot:

Saturday the trails just weren't quite there for a real ride, so it was twenty miles of pavement mixed with various surfaces with fat tires:

Then Saturday it was forty miles through fruit and wine country:

And, of course, a Monday sunrise shot:

The trails were drying out nicely:

And last night we were chasing daylight:

I love this place!

That's all for now. On to contemplate my dilemma.


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Anythings better then Spinning inside, but thats all we have here in Michigan, glad to see someones riding, it won't be long, and we'll all be riding,, Ride on!!!!

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Nice pics SP, as always:thumbsup:

Had to mix in some road miles in the UK over the last two weeks as the work load is so high to keep the mtb alive. Even had to wash the road bike yesterday as it was minging after some mucky lanes:eek: Better than staying indoors though

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-bb- said:
Nice pics... where is that? NM? UT? AZ? NV? That's about all the states I can think of that would have that mix of scenery. Maybe SW CO?
I see the BLM sign in your pic. Those A-HOLES are closing down area's of public land here in CA that we would ride OHV on, with BS reasoning. I keep wondering if the MTB trails are next on the list:madmax:
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