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What'd I miss?

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I haven't been able to access the forum for the past week, because I was on family vacation with my in-laws in Durango. I was off riding with my 14 year old nephew, here and here and here.

We went down a simple chute called Star Wars. I started to freak, and considered walking, until my nephew said "I gotta get a picture of you walking this!" Do you think I succumbed to juvenile taunting? You betcha! It was actually pretty easy.

And to think, spending time riding and playing with my family instead of sitting in front of a computer. What was I thinking?!

Oh, Colorado Trail from Junction Creek was mind-bogglingly beautiful.

BTW, I haven't looked through all the threads yet, but I'm guessing much of it boils down to "XX version of Turner is WAY better than YY version of Turner." Am I close?
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Over the past few days, I took my longest break from Empty Beer in quite a while. Doesn't look like there's much new going on here.

Sounds like your time away was really well spent.
so are you gonna bring some photos of your summer vacation to this thread?
moosehead said:
so are you gonna bring some photos of your summer vacation to this thread?
Not much to see on this trip (took my nephew and niece to Disneyland). Fortunately, I have another trip or 2 on the books for August that will make for better photo-ops (if I remember to stop and take pictures).
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