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Hey all,

I am having the hardest time finding out what year this Specialized Rockhopper is. I am trying to find out if it is a good deal. The guy said he bought it two years ago but wasn't sure how long it was at the bike shop for. He is asking $420obo. How much should I pay for it? Thanks!

Here is the ad:

"Bike is in excellent shape!!! Only been ridden a handful of times, now it just sits in the garage collecting dust:( It wants to be ridden bad, he told me so!! Tubeless tires for charging all you off trail riders, handlebar outriggers for charging up hills, & front lock out suspension. Summer is coming up quick & it's a perfect bike for some lake rides or whatever else u have in mind!! Asking $420 obo"


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If the seller is local I would ask him to bring it to your local LBS (the one you frequent) and ask them to give it a quick look through. Many local shops will give it a quick look and then a recommendation of what should be done to get it back into tip top shape. If, for example, everything is in good shape and it just needs a basic tune up that will run you anywhere from $35-$60 depending on the shop and what they consider a basic tune. Also, having a neutral (expert) third party look it over can help give you peace of mind that the bike is in the shape the seller says it is. Who knows, maybe the rear derailleur is slightly bent and should be replaced- that could run you $100 easily for a quality component.

Personally, I wouldn't go over $250 for it. But, everyone is different. $420 is an absolute rip off in my opinion, however. The bike was $600 new, and it is now a few years old. To put this in perspective, last year I sold my hardtail 29er ($1600 retail) for $950 after 1 season of use. Bikes are shockingly similar to cars in terms of resale.. They lose ~40% of their value as soon as it leaves the shop!

Edit: If he bought it 2 years ago, he probably paid right around $400 for it if the dealer had it marked down close to cost.
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