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I am thinking about my upcoming bike purchase (when 07's come out).

Right now I have the 04 Epic Comp Disc. If you pull the specs the components are 'average'. LX/XT cranks, Deore Disc Brakes, Mavic X223 (?) wheels with crappy hubs (stout is good). Very nice Fox Fork in the front.

I was thinking should I just buy a new frame like the Carbon S-Works. It's the same price as the Marathon. I will need to upgrade the cranks to XTR which are only $299 now. I should change disc brakes since Deore are very heavy compared to Maugra. I race so the weight savings would be nice. Wheels are slightly heavy but I can live with them since new ones are expensive. I'll just wait till I taco one. I think I would also upgrade to XO RDR with Triggers or just buy XTR triggers. My deore ones seem to need a good push to engage.

I guess it would depend on the weight savings of the Carbon compared to M5. If it's only 1 to 2 pounds lighter then buying a new bike with new components makes more sense.

I guess I'm just thinking aloud. :???:
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