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What would you do? Push or no push

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Just got a used vanilla rc. I lucked out and got it for 35 bucks, I have a feeling it needs to be rebuild so I'm considering to have it pushed by Now, the option I would go with would be the the $200 dollar race one and I'm not sure if its worth doing on an old shock.

Wouldn't I be better off buying a new 250-300 dollar shock which would last longer? How durable is the push industries race rebuild?
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What's it going on? What kind of rider are you?

That's a great price!

The Vanilla RC is a fantastic shock for a baseline to modify. You have great adjustments available, and Push tunes the oilflow and the bottom out. Those old shocks last forever, so I wouldn't worry. With a Push mod, other than a minor weight variation, they can be current with modern shocks.
Hey there, first of I own a 2007 6 point 6 and my old dhx air keeps getting stuck down so I decided to upgrade. I like to ride hard and fast. I like to downhill and go all out, get that adrenaline pumping in you if you know what I mean. I do transitions, jump quite a bit, I ride a lot of technical singletrack so the shock needs to be able to take it all pretty much. I've heard good things about pushindustries but needed confirmation. Push it is.
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