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I have SLX 4 pistons on a bike that's roughly 9 months old The front brake recently started squealing. 1st I did a bleed and the squealing was still there. Next, I replaced the metal pads with some ceramics, bedded in the pads, still squealing. Sanded the new pads and rotors with 120. Bedded in the pads, Still squealing. Rotors appear to be true and the brakes appear to be aligned correctly. Did some more sanding on the rotors and pads, and decided to do a lever bleed where I noticed the oil wasn't quite to the top of the lever housing, so I added more mineral oil. Despite this, I haven't noticed any oil leaking around the brake housing.

Before I call the LBS, is there anything I'm missing?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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