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What will be your next new 29" bike?

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I'm sure many would be interested to hear what you guys are planning to buy as your next (or first) 29" bike. 2nd hand is a different story I think, being more limited to past new sales.

My background : I'm the pround owner of both an XL Fisher in hardtail mode, and a Surly Karate Monkey in rigid SS mode.

My plans :
I'm broke now, but am still dreaming of an FS racer, for tough courses and marathons. I like the Lenz Leviathon and a custom Nicolai. A 29" Fisher Cake or Cube Airmatic, when they were available would be big contenders, too for sure.

In the mean time, I have an undefined-term race bike project running, which one day will produce an XL bike somewhere in between a 7.75kg(17.1lb) rigid 9-speed, and a 9kg (20lb) 27-speed hardtail. About half the parts I already have for it, lack mostly the race fork, stem, and a frame. Ideally, the frame would be an 1800g (heavier than my Fisher, yes) aluminum/Scandium to not lose any pedal efficiency before the big wheels' afterburner kicks in. My project is not meant to be stupid light, only parts to prove themselves would be the Stan's rims and the (probably) titanium fork.

Now let's hear your plans! (not unlimited fund dreams, to make it more helpful for those seeking new bike ideas).

Thanks in advance!

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A Lenz Leviathan

I am wanting a geared 29"er, front sus for sure, possibly dual suspension. I now own a Karete Monkey, rigid, ss. I'm like you, Cloxki, I am just short on funds right now, but that Lenz is drool-worthy!
2 fer

Well, not one but two actually. Have been selling off all my vintage 26" stuff and that secured a Big Shot frame

which will be here next week and decked with parts on hand. Then I sold some extra wheels that I had and another big ticket item which is financing a steel hardtail to be built by Walt based on the ROG project. So I guess my cleaning out of the garage idea is pretty lame in the overall big picture as far as the wife is concerned.....but at least I am not spending $$ out of pocket! Eventually my plan is to get another FS bike, but am going to wait a bit longer to see how the dust settles on that segment of the market.
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Sounds like we are all in the same boat



Jones One (29er and SS of course) with strut front end, Phil Wood EBB machined to lightness and all the high end goodies.
(2nd choice) Custom Vanilla goodness with same EBB and high end goodies.


Well, nothing really. My KM is serving my SS Hardtail purposes adequately. I even have a Jones H-Bar on the way for it. However, I may go the high end custom steel, mid-range Ti or Slingshot route. Bigwheel, have you (or anyone else) been on a SS Slingshot???

*Full suspension...................


Custom Titus Racer X 29er in Ti with a Fifth Air shock, BW .8 fork, CK goodies, Zipp 404 rims, etc.


I have a SC Heckler which I am getting ready to part out. I hope by the time I've done that (and agreeing with Bigwheel), I hope there is a front runner in the FS 29'er homefront. I have most of the parts, but would have to build the wheels. I just can't see paying out what it will cost to build Mikesee's wheelset although I want it very badly. I'm currently leaning toward the Lenz frame, but I would want a platform shock after using one on my Heckler.
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Next 29"er

I ride a Fisher Supercaliber now. I took an old mountain bike and converted it to a singlespeed. This lead to ordering a Phil Wood Piss Off a singlespeed, their first 29"er custom ti. I should have it in 6 to 8 weeks. I am still waiting to see what the impressions of the 29"er fs.
Cloxxki said:
...Now let's hear your plans! (not unlimited fund dreams, to make it more helpful for those seeking new bike ideas).

Thanks in advance!

Mine will be a Matt Chester designed, Vulture built steel, disc only, rigid, EBB with a derailluer hanger. Will run it as a 2 x 9 to start and drop bars, of course.
Edge cycles

Edge Cycles Columbus Foco frame welded by Jason Groves
singlespeed of course
Viscious fork
Spectrum purple and yellow powdercoat
white IND. cranks,hubs
Stans rims


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A Wily Retro. It just seems to have nicer lines than the Spicer, Willits, etc. But I'm gonna wait until I can do it right and order it with a Schlumpf 2-speed bottom bracket. It'll be a bike for riding to work, and very light trail duty. May take a while....
- Joe
SS 29er

Possibly a Walt Works 29er SS. Just can't seem to ride with gears anymore. I've heard "steel is real", think I'll find out just how real.
I just got mine

A custom GB4 29er Uni


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with a BW 0.8, DT rear, King+Stan's wheelset, not sure what disc brakes yet. X0 shifters and RD, XT FD, Syntace stem, Maxm bar, haven't decided on crankset/BB. Airborne Ti post and Laser Stealth saddle. A few of these parts are coming off my KM-forked Mt Tam, others on order and the rest to be obtained in the next few months. The Tam will remain in the stable as my 'easy ride' bike- family rides, bike paths. My daughter rides the Tam annoyingly fast on pavement even for her small size. She doesn't handle it well off-road yet, but she's doing her best to grow into it.
FERROUS fixed gear....

Tange Superstrong tubes, custom forks, 3x bottle cages, front brake only, WTB drop bars, IRD goodies, Phil hubs, blah blah blah! ;)

Going to visit Raoul at the end of September to get measured up and finalise the spec (oh, and ride / drink beer / curry) :D

Not mine, but one of his 29ers:

Raouls own bike, half built :p

Sweet stainless steel head badge and cable-rub plate

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chuckc1971 said:
Bigwheel, have you (or anyone else) been on a SS Slingshot???
I haven't but according to Scott at Slingshot HQ there are 10 of them currently contesting the SS series in MI.
Lenz Revelation 29er or maybe a different FS 29er

A custom Alloy/Carbon XC racing bike. Would love to tell more but then I would have to kill you.

A Fully rigid Ti/Carbon Singlespeed 29er with sliding dropouts.

and a set of USE SUB antidive forks for my current 29er.

and my poor, forgotten 26" bike will be getting a new shiny paint job in the spring and will be reborn fixed.

Will 5 mtb's be enough?
Well, there are a few possibilities, all of which depend on the inevitable financial constraints. The basic criteria is a steel fully rigid suspension corrected disc (only?) singlespeed 29"er. At the moment the main options are shaping up as:

Surly KM - but everyone's got one....
Voodoo - look nice, but more pricey, and a slightly short TT for me. Anyone know the axle-crown length these are designed for?
Spot - they few of these I've seen on the board here look very nice, similar price to the Voodoo...
On-one - A 29" Inbred is apparently rumoured. This could be a very nice option for a good middle ground comprimise on quality and weight - if the timing and budget is right this could be the (on) one, except that their 26" model is not disc compatible...


I never felt any MTB count to ever be really enough. Some extra road bikes does ease that aching void, though.

Tell me about that alloy/carbon stuff, then kill me. I'm dying to know.

Wouldn't a suspension fork in your dedicated rigid bike slacken both angles by some 3º or more?
Cloxxki said:
Wouldn't a suspension fork in your dedicated rigid bike slacken both angles by some 3º or more?
With that fork, I belive that I will lose a degree on the steerer and seat tube as the fork is custom and with a certain amount of sag.

The Custom Alloy carbon frames I will talk to you about in Berlin, I can say nothing until then.

I don't know if it qualifies for this post, because it just arrived Friday. But it's still "next" since it isn't finished and hasn't been ridden yet.

Ti Racer X 29"er (Pics coming maybe tomorrow) w/ Fox Rear shock
BW .8 (thanks to Speedgoat..I bought the last in stock they said, but try'em anyhow..)
Custom Titus flat ti bar
King Headset
King ISO /T-520 / DIY Tubeless Wheels
XT Hollowtech Cranks
XO Rear Der
XTR Front Der
Sram X-7 Gripshift

and it will be 8 speed

This will be a fine complement to the B-29 hardtail, so I'm left wanting nothing else..for now. Maybe a commuter/crossbike.
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Well thanks to you "[email protected]@rds" ...(hehe)

Cloxxki said:
Now let's hear your plans! (not unlimited fund dreams, to make it more helpful for those seeking new bike ideas).
... my next bike is going to be my first 29er. Actually placed the order for a black KM frame/fork and 29er wheelset last week. Sold off my old Cdale 26er hardtail that was pretty much collecting dust in my basement.

I'll be recycling some spare parts from my parts bin to outfit the KM which would include:
- S.E. Flite saddle
- Titec carbon post
- OEM stem that came off my (26er) Sugar4
- Bonty riser bar
- Blk Nashbar clipless pedals
- SRAM 7.0 brake levers
- SRAM 9sp cogs
- TruVatix Stylo Team crank arms
NOTE:I removed the AL rings and ordered a 32t steel middle ring & TruVativ bash ring b/c I want to run 1x9

Stuff I am getting new:
- CK headset (black) -- I was going to recycle a spare Cane Creek S2, but I really wanted to put a King headset on there
- Phil Wood BB (SS) -- I was going to recycle a spare RaceFace steel BB, but I really wanted to put the Phill BB on there.
- Avid Mech discs -- I was going to recycle some spare rim brakes I have lying around (& I have many) but I really wanted to try discs this time around.
- X.7 R/D & Rr shifter (only) -- I was going to recycle a set of SRAM 7.0 shifters & a SRAM 9.0 R/D, but I really want to try out the X.7 R/D & triggers.

I had a budget in mind of around 1k/1200, and I ended up around 1250, so I don't think I went too far.
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Kolo said:
Voodoo - look nice, but more pricey, and a slightly short TT for me. Anyone know the axle-crown length these are designed for?
470mm. They're designed around a Marz sussy fork.
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