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On Saturday, Arivas and I went to the Expobici (actually, someone else on this forum agreed to go but left us like townsbrides, but I don't want to expose him in order to keep his reputation intact, only to say that his name starts with 'W' and ends with 'ARP'). I arrived about a hour sooner, so I went to the Expomoto. The Corona stand was pretty impresive, well, I don't know about the beers, but it was worth hanging around for a bit....

At 2pm I went outside and then Arivas and I went to the Expobici. When we saw the Magura stand we KNEW the unnamable guy would innevitable visit this stand.

Well, about the Expobici, Warp already posted more information than I could (I forgot my camera).

On Sunday we went to SNT in Ajusco. I picked Arivas at 9am and head out to SNT. In there we headed up to La Virgen. Actually, the day was awesome. Not too hot, no rain, and the soil was enough humid to provide good traction, there was no mud and no skids :)

My condition sucked! I walked a little bit on the climb to La Virgen, and a little more to the site where we took a roundabout trail (at the same spot as '3 caidas', but turned right). It was a nice trail. Some sections were a little steep and rocky, and I cleaned them without problem (actually, previously I walked some, so I think I'm progressing :thumbsup: ).

Arivas is a lot fitter than I, as soon as we came to a climb, he went up like a rocket. On the way down, he was faster, but it wasn't that much difference (except when we had to climb a little on the return trip, he made a larger gap in distance).

Anyway, I hope everyone else had a great time. Sorry, but I didn't pack my camera and I have no pics :(
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