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well my worst accident happened on july 18th 2004. it was average day, after my summer job i went for my normal schedule, riding on near by park trails. i have been on this park trail for many many times; however, this time was different. Before i got to the trails i got pulled over by park ranger becuz he thought i was speeding. (dumbass) then when i got to the parking lot i had some bad feelings that may be i shouldn't go biking that day, but you know what the heck, i went anyways. first quarter mile was great. Up and down over the obsticles blah blah blah, then few seconds before my accident i came up to this narrow curved wooden bridge which was some what small but on both sides there was about 2 ft drop no biggie. But this time i kinda took some chances to take it fast then usual. When i was riding thru the bridge i felt something was not right so i slowed down, then my front wheel skids so i was like "what the f***" since the front tire is skidding i had no control plus my bike was going over the edge, all i remember is while in the air(i got launched off the bike when it went off the bridge) I believe i was out for 20min or so, when i opened my eyes i was lying on the ground below the bridge. and my bike was on top of me. So i tried to push my bike away from me, then i felt the pain on my left shoulder. so to make the story short i called 911 (thank god i had my cell phone with me) and when i got to ER i got the good news. Well the doc said that i broke my collar bone. And this break is the worst he has ever seen. so anyways i'm out like this for about 8 weeks or so. all i'm doing now is prolly look at my bike and do nothing. another thing i found out why my front wheel skidded, apparently bike LBS tuned up my bike day before and also changed the brake settings. So this time the brakes were A LOT sensitive then it use to be. well stupid me i should've warmed up before hitting the trail but oh well, **** happens. Well there you go thats my accident so lets here yours?
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