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What was included with your new Spec. SJ?

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Just wondering what other reading material and spare parts people received when getting their new bikes. With my Stumpjumper FSR the only things were an owners manual from Specialized for the bike and one from RS for the fork. No manual for the rear shock, no rear derailleur hanger, no shock pump. Is this normal?

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If they didn't give you all manuals and a shock pump your LBS is cheating you.
i bought an 09 S-Works Stumpy frame late last year it came with all the manuals + sag guage but no shock pump, mrs culturesponge's 2008 Stumpy Carbon Pro didn't come with a pump either.

might well depend on the sales staff or shop to what freebies you can add to your purchase.
The bikes don't come with a shock pump. You should get the manual from Spesh, fox manual, and brake manual.
sj marathon 29er. i got the owners manual, one from fox, and one from avid for elixir brakes even though the bike was specked with ultimates. "ohh, i get it now."

only spare parts were valve stems and i wouldn't have got those if i didn't ask. i really wish the shop would have gave me the drive side ss sliding drop out. i think they jacked me and kept it. won't ever go back to that shop for that and MANY other reasons. want their number so you can also call them and complain? cool bike, horrible shop. kinda turned me off from spesh.
Only bikes I have ever seen come with a pump is ones with a higher end rockshox fork. Never seen a specialized or fox fork come with one.
My LBS gives everyone a shock pump when they buy a new bike. Guess I'm lucky.
Here's what comes with the bike:

A generic Specialized Owner's manual
A Fork Manual
A Stumpjumper Frame manual (Includes pressure table for rear shock)
Usually a brake manual
Usually a front derailleur manual
Usually a rear derailleur manual
A Sag-O-Meter

Stumpjumper FSR's don't come with shock pumps or extra derailleur hangers. If you didn't get these, it's usually because the people who sold you the bike just forgot. Usually shop employees are trying to make sure everything is working right, the bike fits, and you have all the accessories you need. Some of the owner's manuals often get overlooked.

I'd go in and ask for the frame manual and the sag-o-meter. Both of those are pretty important for setting up the bike. I wouldn't worry about the other ones. All they have in them is instructions for installing the derailleurs and brakes, which are already installed on your bike.

If the shop can't find in their store what you need. They can get a replacement owner's manual and sag-o-meter from specialized.
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actually depends on model, most stumpjumper have tubeless ready dt rims, and if so then they come wif tubeless valve as well as what UpwardSpiral have already mention
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