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What video editing SW: Alternative to GoPro Quik?

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Hey all,

I'm interested in your recommendations for video editing software that is capable yet easy to use, and can run from a laptop. My typical videos have POV shots and are about 2 minutes in length, something like this:

I'm currently using GoPro Quik on my iPad.
What I like:
  • easy to use: easy to throw clips together, add music, and generate a video I can upload to youtube or the socials. I can get this done in a few hours or less.
  • it's AI is pretty good at automatically editing clip transitions and various effects, really making it look professional.
What I don't like:
  • buggy. Often freezes where I need to reboot the iPad.
  • lately have been having issues just saving or exporting edits, which is really annoying.
  • product support doesn't seem all that great. The support page is full of similar complaints, with no real resolution other than "have you tried to reboot" or "try shortening the edit". If you spend several hours making a cool video, you don't want to lose it b/c the SW is crap.
  • no desktop version, or at least the old desktop version is much different from the app. It is MUCH easier to edit on a desktop/laptop than iPad or iPhone.

I downloaded Blender but my first impression was, holy heck this is going to take a while to figure out. That said, I haven't spent any time with it. It does not look like it has the same "auto-edit" type functions that Quik does, so I'd have to figure out how to align clips with music, transition at the right time, etc., which I really don't feel like doing to be honest.

So, curious if there is anything out there. If the answer is, Quik is the best just deal with it, then OK. But if I can pick something up for <$100 that is as good as if not better, is more reliable, and works on a desktop, then I'd like to do that.

Thanks for your help
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Openshot. Freeware, windows or Linux compatible, easy to stitch clips, can do PiP, overlay, quality conversion, clip transitions, etc.

way more powerful than that but no idea how to use the fancy stuff.

Supported enough I can learn how to do something by asking google or youtube.
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I use LumaFusion on my iPhone and iPad.
A great video editing app.

Wondershare Filmora. Looks complicated, but easy to use once you know have the basics down. Not free though but includes unlimited Filmstock downloads.

DaVinci Resolve. Also looks complicated, and can be. But like Filmora, once you have the basics down, it's easy enough. There is a free version with full functionality.

Both of these are very good powerful editors packed with everything. They both have good direct support, including add-ins, templates, etc. And they both have a LOT of community user education support via YouTube. Both of these have that familiar video editing kind of layout. It's easy to transition between the two (and other standardized looking editors).

Both are desktop applications, by the way.
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Sorry I should have mentioned that I'm using Windows.
I messed around a bit with Blender yesterday, and with the help of some tutorials was able to produce this quick edit:
Of course, I had to do all the time syncing myself, whereas Quik has the smarts to do a lot of that itself (though it's not perfect). I'm sure there's lots more I can do. Blender seemed to run reasonably quickly on my machine.

Will look some more at Openshot, Davinci and Wondershare Filmora.
Thanks for your advice, guys. Do you have any app recommendations for editing GoPro videos on my Android phone? I’d highly appreciate your suggestions. The only apps I know are Movavi Movie Maker and Fastreel (Best Video Joiners for Windows and Mac in 2022), that I mostly used to use on my laptop. Actually, I used to have it, because I drowned it while hiking in the mountains. Anyway, guys, I’d highly appreciate any of your recommendations. Btw my friend has an iPhone, so iPhone app recommendations are also welcome.
Thanks for your advice, guys. Do you have any app recommendations for editing GoPro videos on my Android phone? I’d highly appreciate your suggestions.
You might look into Adobe Rush.

Just got a Hero 10, love it but am underwhelmed by the Quik app. It’s not terrible, but a bit skimpy on some features. So I downloaded Adobe Rush (free version) to my tablet & am fairly satisfied. It helped that I’m already familiar with Adobe’s interface.
note: I’m iOS, but I believe there is an android version available.
OpenShot is free & easy to learn. My favorite is Kdenlive. Plenty of YouTube videos to learn Kdenlive & Davinci Resolve.
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