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What tyres?

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What tyres should I put on my 2012 Giant Reign 1? I am more of an All Mountain rider, not much downhill. I ride on mainly grass, loose dirt, road, a bit of mud, etc.
I have been tossing up a range of tyres:
  • Michelin Wild Rock'r
  • Continental X-King/Mountain King/Rubber Queen
I would like light and cheap tyres nothing over about $80 for two.
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"I ride on mainly grass, loose dirt, road, a bit of mud, etc"

if this is really the case i would go to amazon and get a set of bell kingpin tires they run about 40.00.00 bucks a set and should handle what you have posted that you ride. all though I'm not sure that it qualifies as all mountain but i could be wrong.
maybe we could better help you if you let us know where your located and what trails in that area you ride then we could make some better recommendation's.

i have some maxis ardent 29x2.4 on my karate monkey and some hans dampf 29x2.3 on my ogre which I'm looking to change for something with a little less resistance so i will just get an all around tire such as a wtb nano or something similar for my road/m.u.p./around town light single track duties, both work well for me but again i am not riding all mountain at least i don't think i am am i ?
Rubber queens/ trails kings depending on what side of the pond you are on. They seem to do it all pretty well and last a long time. My buddy put over 1000 miles on hs rear tire and there was still some tread left. It outlasted the butcher that was on the front, and that is saying something for the rear tire. Butter to spend the little bit of extra money on the black chili compond and have them last a whole lot longer and grip better then the cheaper tires out there.
I live in Toowoomba, Queensland and I ride a few of the tracks around.
The definition of All Mountain is:
Means a bike or ride that encompasses all types of off-road terrain, climbs, descents, technical and jumping.
This is my ride but I also ride a bit on the road.
All I'm looking to do is change to something with less resistance. I currently have a 26x2.35 Schwalbe Muddy Mary on the back and a 26x2.35 Maxxis Minion DHF on the front. The Minion is fine but the Muddy Mary is wearing fast.
I have experienced both tires and I give them both a thumbs down . The mountain king was crap , the side walls started showing the white threads in no time , I think it was more of a cosmetic problem until the bread ripped off while riding , compleat garbage . The wild gripper'r , felt great for 3 rides until I got a tare in the top of the tire between the knobs , doing normal trail riding . I contacted Michellin and they will reimburse me if I buy another one . I hope the wild gripper'r 2 is a better tire . These were both on the rear , on the front is a wild rocker'r and I love it . Great tire ! On the rear is a specialized purgatory , love it sofar . My advice is light and cheap gets you flats and tire changes . If this rear doesn't workout , it's back to high rollers and minions !

Caaannn Uuuu Diigg It ?
Do the Wild Rock'r's wear fast on the road?
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