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What to replace these antiques with?

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I've just ordered a shiny new SC Nomad and a Z1 FR SL fork. As it's 20mm I've got to do something with my wheels and want some advice on which way to go.

My old wheelset:

Mavic D521's - 32H
XT Disc Hubs
WTB Velociraptor 2.1 F&R

I was thinking of replacing the front hub and getting the wheel rebuilt, shouldn't cost much and the wheels have been bomb proof since the day I got them.

But, as I'm going from a HT to FS (and I only weigh 165) I figured I could probably get a new lighter wheelset that would still be strong enough.

So, any advice out there? I'd like to shed the weight if possible but don't really know how much I'd be looking to save.

Thanks all.
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I would recommend the DT 5.1d laced to a Hope Pro ll hub with butted spokes and brass nipples. The 5.1 is 500gm compared to 590 for your 521 and the Hope hub is convertable 20mm to QR. This would be a good match for the Nomad, plenty strong and lighter than your present wheel.
Thanks for the advice Travis, must've missed this one!

I'm sold on the Pro II's but I can't make my mind up with the rims. What would the Mavic equivalent of the 5.1 be?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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