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I've been riding an Ibex Ignition 2 since last year and its been a great bike... Just recently I started getting into doing some agresive riding instead of just riding on paved roads. The bike has been great for just riding around. However doing some small drop offs of about 3 or 4 feet it seems like the rear shock is really lacking (DNM DV-22). I saw a Cane Creek AD-5 for 45.00 and picked it up.. great deal but unfortunatly it doesnt fit the frame. The mounting holes are recesed and the shock runs into the outer edge of the frame before it reches the mounting holes. On another note I'm planing on upgrading the fork sometime soon too, its not terible, but it definatly isn't that great (Judy TT)... So I'm left with the option of either sticking with the bike and getting a rear shock that will work, or maybe looking into a new bike. I'm on a rather limited budget and not sure what to do... can anyone help me out?

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Well you have come to the right place.
Sadly this is going to cost you for coming here:D I think lots of people will agrre with me and I say just ride it till it dies and in the mean time save hard for a new bike.
Your bike just isn't worth putting alot of money into. Eventaully the frame will give, and you will be left with stuff like rear shocks that you can't do anything with.
If your willing to get a hardtail theres plaently of Jump/drop worthy bikes out there that proably won't blow your budget. Giant, kona, specialized ot name a few brands that have bikes for this. Giants is called the STP(street, trail, park) and Kona has a few, such as the Scrap or Stuff.
If you want to stick to a dually, then it will cost quite a bit more.
Ironhorse is offering some good bikes at good prices(SGS) that will stand up to abuse. They can be had at :)
Theres other brands out there that oyu could pick up last years model on and get a good price.
Hope this helps.
I just fel theres no point putting big bucks into yuor current ride(been there!).

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yeah, i agree. Slowly upgrading is a waste of money- keep the bike running with modest components, and when you finally have the money for a bike you think will fit your new, better riding style, wrap your old bike around a tree and buy a new one... or save it so that friends/chicks/parents can go riding with you

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First suggestion is to learn more about bikes so you don't end up buying more parts that don't fit. That includes forks & rear shocks. 2nd thing is 3 to 4 footers may sound like small potatoes when it comes to drops, but when it comes to frame design and what it will handle without damaging it then they can be very large and expensive drops.

Do more research before you buy anything else. Your biggest problem will be your budget. To afford a bike that will properly handle the "bigger" stuff you want to do will cost you. If you scrimp on the frame then it may break/fail. If you scrimp on the components(brakes, shocks, wheels, handlebars, seatpost, stem) then they either won't operate well enough to benefit from the better frame or they may fail. Save your bucks. Go and do it right the first time. Unlike your rear shock purchase where you should have known to measure the eye-to-eye measurement before buying(and that doesn't include knowing if the inserts will fit the attachment points). Luck.

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New bike in the future

The ibex is a decent beginner bike, but you need to look at getting something better over the long term. Keep your bike as-is (replace parts that break) and learn to ride more smoothly so that you can ride any terrain you want even with a basic bike. When you get around to buying a better bike in a few years, you'll be a better rider and more able to appreciate what you paid for.

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IBEX Ignition frame will take it!

The good news is, the IBEX Ignition frame is overbuilt and will certainly take the sort of aggressive riding you want to do. I'm sorry to hear that the Cane Creek shock wouldn't fit, but we may be able to help here at IBEX with something else. Give us a call at 1-888-741-1464 and we'll see if we can come up with something appropriate that will fit.

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