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ok, new to Mtn biking, went a few times in the past with some borrowed bikes and looking to buy my own, definatley want a full suspension bike, but unfortunately dont have much to spend, 200-300 tops... i would say Most of the riding would be road, but i do want the ability to take whatever bike I buy off road... PLEASE some suggestions...
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With a budget that low I can only recommend looking for a used hardtail. Try ebay or craigslist.

Also you may want to consider that since the majority of your riding will be road, maybe a hardtail would be a better option.
if i did go the route of hardtail, any good recomendations ?
Most companies have good bikes starting around 350.00.
witowsks said:
if i did go the route of hardtail, any good recomendations ?
I have seen an entry level trek hardtail ridden on the trails and it is still running strong.

Specialized has the hardrock in the area of 350.

If you can raise your budget up to this I would definitely recommend buying new as the bike shop you purchase from should offer free tune ups, and help you learn about your bike. And building a relationship with your lbs will help make riding more fun for a beginner.

If your budget is fixed at below $300, I would go back to looking for a used bike. Just do a lot of research before you buy so that you know what to look for, and if its a craigslist deal you could even post a link here and see what other people think of the deal.
also i am 6' tall, what size frame should i be looking for?
witowsks said:
also i am 6' tall, what size frame should i be looking for?
It is always best to get fitted at a bike shop if you can just to be sure that you are getting the right size and to learn how to size yourself (i.e. - how the bike should fit you). Also - you may not fit the same bike another 6 footer rides..

However - If you dont have a LBS to get sized at then I would speculate that you would probably fit a 19.5" or 21". I am about your height (6' 1") and I have a Trek 4300 in 19.5". I probably could have gone with a 21" as well though - the LBS owner agreed I could really go either way. Heck - an 18" may even fit you... you really will just have to see what fits you once you check out some bikes in person.

Also - the Trek and Specialized you linked would be good bikes to get started on ...

Good luck.
I am just under 6' and ride bikes from 19.5-21.5". The 21.5 is a bit big (stretched out) for me and has little standover clearance so 19.5" might be about right for you. I have long legs and arms. If you have a long body and stumpy limbs you might want something smaller!

The Trek 4 series listed for $200 is a bargain if it's in decent condition. Decent model and long-lasting components if it's treated with some respect and not either left in the rain or jumped over huge drops. Lovely distinctive paintjob too. I'd buy it.
There are two great examples of why you need to be fitted or at least find your inseam and you really need to try before you buy. The two posters above me are shorter than me but ride bigger bikes. I am 6'2.5" but have a shorter inseam and fit well on a 19" bike. My current bike is a 20" but the boys are right up against it and a sudden stop could be very painful if I am not careful.

My vote is to try and stretch your budget and buy new from a LBS or check around and see if your LBS have any used stuff. This is a good time too because the new model year bikes are hitting stores and people are trading in old bikes for new bikes. You might get yourself a great deal.
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