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Currently my k-monkey has 29x2.2in Geax Saguaros on it. While the tires aren't bad, they roll nice, and there a high quality tire, I have noticed a tendency for them to wash out and slide the bike out from under me at times during higher speed cornering. I think I'll keep these for race tires, because they do well there, but for trail riding, I want something with a bit more grip in the corners and in the mud/yuck, so I was thinking about running something a bit more aggressive with some knobbier sides.

I was trying to choose between the Maxxis Ignitor and the Maxxis ardent. I've ridden 26in bikes with the ardent and was impressed, but the ignitor looks good too?

For the best cornering and all around traction, what would you guys choose? I'd take possible recommendations from other tire brands as well, but I've had maxxis tires on my other bikes for years, and they quite simply kick ass, so I'm a fan of the quality, durability and performance of their tires.

Any input is appreciated.
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