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OK, I'm looking for my new primary tires for my big bike for this year. Most of the time spent on my big bike is at Snowshoe where you never know what the weather is going to be like. I currently run 2.5" Mobsters that probably have enough life in them to use off and on, but I need some new rubber for normal use. I don't want to change tires every time I ride so prefer a good all around tire.

I'm thinking of running a 2.5 in back and a 2.7/2.8 up front. I have a Moment with a pretty heavy build kit that I use for lighter freeride like on the terrain park side at Snowshoe, so want something for bombing the downhills.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Huck Banzai said:

f Blue Groove - its as silly tire.
I haven't ridden a nev in the front although I know guys who do and like it. I like the BG on the front in very loose conditions (i.e. Mammoth) but prefer a Mobster for most trail riding.

FYI: the Michelin DH 24 A/T is a great rear tire
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