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what tires for stump farm

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I have mountain king UST 2.2s
what is a good rolling tire for the stump farm "reforestation camp"
I love the kings when I am in the single track
just no good in the sand on the connecting roads
had same problem at the Crystal Lake Classic
made better time in the woods

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I run mutanoraptors, specifically the 2.24. Rolls nice and fast, corner extremely well. They seem to do ok in the sand, obviously with reduced grip but when they break free, they do so in a predictable way. If that makes any sense.
Interesting recommendation. Things have gotten really dry and loose up there, and my front tire needs changing. I ordered this one you suggested, and I'm excited for it to show up so I can see how it corners out there.
I was out for a quick loop on friday, and on instinct I lowered the tire pressure a bit, especially the front. Man what a difference a few PSI makes... floats right over the sand. I was able to fly through stuff that bogged me down before. Even at lowered pressure it's still a nice fast tire, hope it goes well for you :thumbsup:
Yeah, I ran pretty much flat tires in this junk last summer. I'm riding harder this season, but there's something to be said for how that squish sticks. I hit Baird Friday, Camp Saturday and Sunday...see ya around one of these times. Going to show some rookies a fun loop out at Baird tonight at 7pm; lower parking lot.
hope we get some rain soon
washed out my bike last week at the camp
was a soft landing though
thank god there was no horse poop
SlowerJoe said:
thank god there was no horse poop
I'll never forget the ride that I didn't notice anything was amiss until I got back to the parking lot and noticed a funny smell...and a HUGE plop covering one shoe and my :madman:

Broke my chain at Baird Monday night, so I'm out until tomorrow. Hope to be at Baird 7am tomorrow, riding Friday, Saturday, Sunday mornings camp or baird :thumbsup:
It's dry as hell. The sand is really bad :(

I'm running the raptor on my front only, and am not super impressed by how it handled yesterday during my first ride on the new rubber. Seems like primary traction is pretty weak. It seems skittish when doing quick changes or light turns. However, it was very good when I pounded hard. Totally committed, the side blocks were holding great. It'll do for now, and I'm going to see how it feels as I break it in some more. Can't complain; I managed to hit a 52min second loop in the dry stuff.
Could be different because I'm running both front and back, or that I ride a heavy(er) 5" FS rig. But now that you mention it, it kind of reminds me of how it felt before I lowered the pressure a bit. I think I'm running about 25-35 PSI, possibly lower, made a world of difference on smoothing out the sketchiness. It seems like it would make it slower, but it doesn't. If they don't end up working out, just let me know, because I'd buy them off you for my GF's bike.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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