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I know there are some older Turners out there still being riding hard, but what is the average life of a Turner frame.

I ask because: I bought my burner during the SuperBlow liquidation sale as a stopgap. I planned buying an 5 Spot some time in the this or next year. But now that I’m married I see that my spending on bicycle and bicycle related things has dropped (but I still get plenty of ride time). I picked kit that would be durable over what would save me weight with the idea of installing it onto the 5 spot.

I’m a weekend warrior (I commute almost daily on an old road bike). I assuming there will be the crash induced replace here or there. Parts seems to the real weakness. However, what kind of lifespan can I expect to get out of my Burner (assuming proper and timely servicing)?

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I sold my 1999 burner 1.5 years ago, and I could have just kept riding it - there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, except that I wanted to try another type of bike [a 5-spot]. I went through 3 bushing kits [didn't really need the last one, but I was motivated to do it at the time!], no frame cracks, a dent or two, and the once polished frame was pretty much dulled and scratched up, but it rode great. Hardest bike I ever sold. Still wish I had it, but I had a big snowboarding trip planned, had an eager buyer, and needed the cash~!

Turner frames are pretty tough [even the RED ones] - I used to refer to my ol' burner as a michigan freeride bike - tough frame, lower travel suspension!

If you don't ride like an drunken animal, you will probably get a bad case of UGI before you have to retire your burner.....
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