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I'm getting out of 4-cross racing which I so loved when I still did it. Rode this fine 26" (cough) Banshee Morpine. I'd probably still be riding the 4X track weekly had the BM Flyer had normal rather than lengthened chainstays. I'm no pro pilot, and on that tandem-like bike I for sure won't be pulling manuals over the sweet triples.
It's been more than a year, and a couple emails to SE, but I'm still waiting for answer as to WHY the made the seat tube bend such that the rear end got lenghtened by it. Is it than really just a (beach)cruiser, not meant for any dirt action? 17" and 19" frame sizes would perhaps point that way, but still...
If you have room in the garage, could use the rigid fork and wheelset, by all means do get yourself a good deal on that bike.
I'm telling you, I'd be pissing off all the local 4x crowd with my huge BM had they just made it as short as possible rather than as long as possible.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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