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What the eff is up with

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I've been trying to get on there the past couple days. Everytime I try it comes up as cannot load page or automatically searches and doesn't come up with anything. It's sorta annoying 'cause I like that forum. Anyone else been ahving these issues?
I know this doesn't really belong here but whatever.
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...pu stahw wonk t'nod i
Yah it won't work for me either, I just talked to another kid too and he said it wasn't working for him either. So it's down probably
Cool, thanks. That is what I wanted to know. Hopefully it gets going again soon!
See post below with email from TAZ

(* cus they dont let me delete post )
Straight from TAZ !!!!

ok here is the email TAZ just sent me on the status of
I'm posting it here for him , he doesnt have a mtbr account.

Due to the first system failure in two years and 11 months, a very
good record, went down Friday 23 December in the afternoon.
Service will be restored as soon as possible and hopefully without
loss of data. I will try and keep everyone posted as to the status of
the repairs. This will bring about a new server in the very near

Brady Owens (a.k.a. Taz)
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the need for redunancy
Seems to be up again...
the need for redunancy
We don't sell any of that. Is that something new? Is it related to disaster recopy?
scabrider said:
...pu stahw wonk t'nod i
it prob takes you like 10 minutes to say something g ay like that

!!!! toggaf a ruoy
themarsvolta55 said:
it prob takes you like 10 minutes to say something g ay like that

!!!! toggaf a ruoy
It's up now!

Anything new on that site anyway?
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