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SOMUNA BITS DUDE! this freakin' kid is already better than I am... I mean look at him pump in the skate bowl!
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Jackson is the king of push biking!
Pretty cool, but that kid needs a bigger, proper bike. His knees are about to touch the ground!
He's going to have serious prostate/impotence problems as an adult, plus serious stomach cramps from drinking that nasty pond water.

jk...SICK VID!!!!
Jesus, somebody get that kid a bike not made for 2 year olds!

C'mon parents, if your kid is that sick spend the $100 and get him a bike w/ some damn pedals! Poor kids nuts are probably smashed back up in his abdomen so far they're never gonna be seen again.
Well at least he won't have to use protection later on in life.
Just watched it again, very painful actually. Kid got the skills but definetely needs a bike. That big drop from the rock table, ouch......
Raddest kid EVAR!!!

Someone needs to get that kid a Camelbak!!! that is sweet
Get the kid some pedals! :madman:
isn't he the son of the guy who owns the whistler bike park?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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