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What springs come w/ Vanilla 130 RLC

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the title pretty much says it all. The extra set of springs what rating are they?
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I believe it's supposed to come with a Blue installed and a Green and Purple in the box. However, the one I recieved came with a Green installed plus a Blue and another Green. Didn't bother the customer, he needed a Yellow.
Blue installed on the 130 - Green and purple extra

Black, spring rate 10lb/in., travel 100-130, rider wt. <90-115/ 130, <90-110/ 100

Purple, spring rate 18 lb/in, travel 100-130, rider wt 115-155/130, 110-130/100

Blue, spring rate 25 lb/in, travel 100-130, rider wt 1505-180/130, 130-150/100

Green, spring rate 35 lb/in, travel 100-130, rider wt 175-210/130, 150-180/100

Yellow, spring rate 45 lb/in, travel 100-130, rider wt 205-240+/130, 175-200/100

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just to put it out there...

I have a blue and purple spring if anyone needs them. I'd love the trade them in for a yellow.

I am currently running the orange in 100mm mode but will need the yellow if/when I go back to 130mm
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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