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What size Stinky frame to buy?

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This spring I bought a 2004 Stinky Dee-Lux frame with the intent of building up my dream bike. The first sign of trouble in paradise was when I was trying to decide on a fork and started to take some head tube measurements. Turns out the frame is not the XL or 19" that I was told, but is actually an L or 18". From every reference I have available to me, this will not work. I am 6'3" and have a 34" inseam, and according to Kona's size chart and my LBS and a test ride on a buddy's 2004 Stinky 17", I need the XL 19" or even the XXL 20". But that's just the guidance for 2004 frames.

In 2005, the Stinky line was redesigned, and the sizes that were offered changed accordingly. My problem is that I live in the flattest area of a flat state (don't ask me why I need a Stinky - I just do!), and my LBS and other nearby Kona dealers simply don't carry any Stinkys in inventory. In other words, there are no new design Stinkys for me to guage against. Before I go off the deep end and tell my LBS to order me up a $5,000 brand spankin' new 2007 Stinky Pepto--er, I mean Stinky Primo, in that all-up-in-your grille pink paint scheme, what frame size do you guys recommend for a guy who's 6'3" and a 34" inseam? For 2005 and 2006, the L is listed as 16", the XL is 16.5", and the XXL is 17".


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If toptubelenght is OK for U , then dont sweat it !!
Just get a longer seatpost , a 30.0 seatpost shouldnt have any probs being a little higher up.Believe Thomson makes really long 30.0 seatposts.
Me: 6.1 w/ 32 inseam , my 2003 Stinky Dee is a L/18" , fits me nice and my HT is a 19"
My buddy is about your height and rides a XL.
if your gettin that bike you better be one bad ass m f-er otherwise you're going to look like a total chode if you ask me.
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