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What size seatpost do i need?

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i have an '03 specialized stumpjumper hard tail, and the stock seat post is 30.9 mm. i need a new one, but it seems the only mtb posts available are 27.2 and 31.6. specifically, i want a thomson masterpiece. can i use a 27.2? i'm assuming the 31.6 will be too fat. am i F'd or what?! somebody please give me good news...
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Many seatposts come in the 30.9 size. Where have you been looking.
You need to

learn to look. You also need to know that only 30.9mm will work. Here are 4 variations of the masterpiece from Thomson:

other brands are here:
As the moustached one said, 30.9 is a very common size. Here's one site that has the Thomson Masterpiece in the 30.9mm size:

BTW, you can use 27.2, but you'll need a shim. There's really no reason to go this route given that 30.9mm posts are readily available.

thanks all. i obviously have to work on my research skills. i appreciate the feedback!
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