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What size Schwalbe's for Blizzard / Hammer?

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Hi Guys,

I currently run 2.1 IRC Serac's on my Hammer and just thought i'd ask the question if there is enough room to run 2.25 (or bigger) Schwalbe Rocket Ron's / Nobby Nic's.

I'll be converting to tubeless so I want the biggest tyres that can fit.

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2.25 Racing Ralphs fit fine on my Trailhead, so I'm *guessing* they would be fine on the steel bikes as well.
I dug back through my 2005 Blizz pics, this is the best I had. With a 2.1 Nevegal it was pretty snug in the front of the chainstays.


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Hang on, that blizzard I built a couple weeks ago has Hutchinson Piranha 2.3s in it, I'll go measure them to get the actual width... which proves to be 57mm at the widest part of the tread, and that's 2.25" which is close enough I won't complain Hutchinson over-valued the tire slightly. That's absolutely the widest tread I'd attempt with the blizzard (or hammer) though as any bigger and you'll have leaves getting stuck in between the tire and frame (not to mention risk rubbing off paint when experiencing wheel/tire flex in corners or when sprinting/climbing).
what size tyres

hi, currently run 2.25 rr ust in back of my blizzard (20th anniversary model) with no problems although it was summer so no mud involved. I think nobby nics and rocket rons would be fine but tight. I can vouch for the fact that run at about 27psi they add considerable comfort to the rear of the blizzard, so much so in fact it convinced me to keep my intense 5.5 in storage for a year!
2005 Blizzard here - I've got a Fat Albert 2.35 in there at the moment. Not much clearance, but so far no rubbing.
I'd just like to add something worth considereing:
If you are looking to go to the MAXIMUM tire width possible on that frame, you will need to consider what RIMS you have as well.
Among the popular MTB rims people are running you have RIM WIDTHS going from 22mm to 30mm .
If someone is running a 2.35 tire on a 23mm rim without trouble, you could mount that same tire (& the same frame) using a 29mm rim and end up with a tire jammed tightly between the stays.
Good point - 2.35 Fat Albert's on a 25 mm rim...
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