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I have a Banshee Pyre with a wheelset built by BWW. They are 819 rims, with BWW rear hub and WTB front 20mm. The brakes are 2009 Martas, which I haven't been overly impressed with as far as overall power (awesome modulation). I'm using Magura 180mm in the front and 160mm in the rear.I have been tweaking the break setup which has included multiple bleeds. I weigh 195lbs w/out gear.

I've been looking at the Ashima Airotors, but a little torn on size. I was actually considering a 203mm in the front and 180mm in the rear. Since the Ashima rotors are so light, there wouldn't really be an increase in weight and I'm thinking I would pick up more in modulation and especially overall power with this setup. As a side note, I will probably also go with the Swiss Stop Disc 10 pads as well.

Any feedback on this? Overkill?
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