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What size K-Monkey?

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Well after a long time away "Job", "and being sick for way too long" I`ve decided to get my first 29er single speed. I`m 5`10`` 32 inseam and about 165 was thinking of the small 16`` frame or would this be too small? I prefer smaller frames anyway but the local bike shop said I`d be more comfortable on an 18" I plan to use it for commuting and weekend or weeknite offroad. I`m from the northeast so rooty, slippery and muddy.

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I'm your height (though maybe a little longer-legged), and also in the northeast. I'm really happy on my 18 inch Monkey. Not stretched out at all. I couldn't imagine going smaller.
I'm the same size
i use an 18" in a Pug and Dummy
Im 5' 7.5" with a 30" inseam and I ride a 16" KM which fits me pretty well. If I were your size I would buy the 18" frame for sure. Remember, it's not just the stand over height that changes with frame size but also the effective top tube length, toe to wheel clearance, etc.
i'm your height and inseam. i haven't ridden the KM but did stand over the 18" in the store. Was snugger than I'd prefer (probably 1-2" clearance), but I think if I get one it'll be 18" for the cockpit length rather than 16"
im 5ft 11, 32 inside leg and ride an 18" monkey with a 90mm stem,perfect fit for me,lots of room for long days out,pretty flickable and i have to say with the monkey nuts fitted it has an amazing balance point for wheelies:D 38 years old and now learning to do manuals:thumbsup:

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